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Start: November 18
End: November 24
Spaces Available: 10
Cost: $3,995


Address: Crocodile Bay Resort Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica
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  • All ground transportation to and from San Jose airport
  • First night stay at DoubleTree Hilton Cariari (breakfast included)
  • Round trip airfare to and from San Jose from our resort
  • Accommodation at the Crocodile Bay Resort
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner with glass of wine)
  • When we’re out in the field, the resort packs us a lunch, which we get to choose
  • All transportation (ground and water) to and from photo locations


  • Round trip airfare to and from your home to San Jose
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Spa services
  • Any other expenses not included in “Includes” section above

Non-Workshop Participants

Includes (for an additional $1,100 USD ):
  • All ground transportation to and from San Jose airport
  • First night stay at DoubleTree Hilton Cariari (breakfast included)
  • Round trip airfare to and from San Jose from our resort
  • Accommodation at the Crocodile Bay Resort
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner with glass of wine)
  • Round trip airfare to and from your home to San Jose
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Spa services
  • All workshop tours

Camera Equipment

  • for your camera, a Nikon or Canon DSLR that’s newer (3-4 years)
  • at least a 300mm lens, I recommend 400-500mm or more
  • a zoom lens such as Nikon 200-500mm is ideal, because much of the sightings are within a few steps of our vehicles
  • Sigma 150-600mm, Tamron 150-600mm, Canon 100-400mm are also good
  • you should bring a macro lens with a focal length of 100mm or longer
  • and of camera flash unit (SB900 or equivalent) , as some areas of the jungle can be quite dark
  • a short zoom for snapshots like a 24-70mm – but an iPhone works just fine
  • you can bring a travel tripod for macro and night photography
  • lots of memory cards and batteries (I filled up a 128 gig XQD card just shooting macaws in one afternoon)
  • bring your laptop and an external hard drive


  • Basically, from the time I landed I was in my shorts and t-shirt for 7 days
  • Stay away from cotton. Two quick-dry t-shirts, one long sleeved t-shirt, at least 3 pairs of quick-dry shorts can be rinsed out at night.
  • One pair of mid-calf socks, as we’ll be out in the muck in gumboots (provided by the resort)
  • Regular sport socks and quick-dry travel underwear
  • Hat of your choice
  • I brought a light-weight rain jacket but didn’t use it, as the rain was intermittent at the time I was there
  • Footwear: Hybrid hiking-running shoes (preferably waterproof) and water sandals
  • In a pinch, the gift shop at the resort has lots of clothing
  • a flashlight and headlamp
  • bug spray, sun screen with high SPF


Creative Photo

Costa Rica Workshop

“In November we had a very nice visitor from Canada. I was ready to take this professional photographer and show him the nicest spots for a future workshop. From the first day with Frank I knew that this was going to be so much fun. Frank was very friendly and excited to see everything in the rain forest. The first day we had so much luck with more than 30 macaws flying all over us! Frank is very passionate about photography. He has a great knowledge that he shared with kindness and interest. After a week we became friends and I am pretty sure you will love and learn on his Costa Rica Workshop at Crocodile Bay Resort, an amazing place with a lot of wildlife.”

Dennis V


Dennis V

Creative Photo
Frank is very passionate about photography. He has a great knowledge that he shared with kindness and interest.

ONE on ONE Photography Mentoring

My name is Kathryn McGarvey and I am in amateur photographer in North
Vancouver, BC.
I recently had the good fortune to go on an unexpected safari to South
Africa. Not having much experience shooting wildlife and animals, I knew I
needed to find someone to help me get ready for this trip of a lifetime.
Frank Pali was a judge at our camera club and after listening to his Costa
Rica wildlife experience, I approached Frank to help me get ready. He agreed
to become my "wildlife photography" mentor and I am so glad that he did.
The $$$ spent were invaluable. I know for a fact that without his help, I
would never have been able to take these amazing photos that I did.
Frank was incredibly patient, informative, available, helpful, I could go on
and on.
Frank helped me select which lenses I should take and then on his own time,
even located additional camera equipment that I did not even know existed.
Frank sourced you tube videos for me to watch, helped me select computer
gear, took me bird shooting (saw my first ever great horned owl!!!!!), lent
me some camera apparel for the trip and was an unbelievable cheerleader.

I cannot thank Frank enough for all his time and input.

Macro Flower

African Bird

Kathryn McGravey


Kathryn McGravey

He agreed to become my "wildlife photography" mentor

Six Reasons Why You Will Love This Workshop

  1. Bang for your Buck – Once you land, everything is included! Our texpedition includes workshop fees, all accommodation and meals, ground and water transportation and local flights.
  2. Small Numbers – The group is limited to ten people. Whether you’ve brought a high end DSLR or an iphone I’m there to help.
  3. Dennis – Our friendly local guide knows the area like the back of his hand and can spot an army of ants a mile away.
  4. My Expertise – Both in the field and behind the computer, I will be there to give you tips and techniques.
  5. The Resort – The resort will exceed your expectations: the vast beauty of the grounds, the outstanding staff, and the variety of animals you will encounter just from your balcony!
  6. The Food – The varied menu has something for everyone and the food is fresh and delicious. This is also a fishing resort, so when you hear “catch of the day”, they really mean it.

More Details

I’m excited to announce my new photo expedition located beneath the jungle canopies of the Osa Peninsula. You will be flown to this remote location and immediately see why National Geographic Magazine describes the peninsula as “the most biologically intense place on earth”.

In December the great people at Crocodile Bay Resort invited me to Costa Rica to team up with them and develop this 7 day expedition. The result is an itinerary chockablock full of cultural and conservation tours that with my guidance, will give you the images you’ve always dreamed of!

A short flight from the main airport takes us to our beautiful eco-resort nestled into a remote area where scarlet macaws fly freely above us, enormous humpbacked whales swim close to our shores and our only nosy neighbours are 2-toed sloths!

Expedition Itinerary

(factors such as weather and wildlife sightings can make our schedule subject to change)

Day One – San Jose Welcome

Exit the San Jose airport and look for your name card held by a friendly face. You’ll take a 5 minute drive to the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel for one night. Grab your camera and explore the lush gardens, relax by the pool or swim up to the bar. Taste the delicious Costa Rican food at the hotel restaurant or walk a few blocks and try out the local craft beer eatery. At breakfast enjoy your first sip of the famous Costa Rican coffee at the complimentary buffet.

Day Two – Arrive at Crocodile Bay Resort/and half day of photography

You will be picked up from the hotel at a pre-determined time and transferred to San Jose airport. Climb aboard the 12 seat plane for a 45 minute flight to the Puerto Jimenez Airport, a 5 minute drive from our resort. Keep your camera handy for your first glimpses of the jungle!

Check into the Crocodile Bay Resort. You will be struck by the beauty of this eco-friendly lodge and it’s remote location under the jungle canopy. Just wait and the animals will literally come to you! You will also be overwhelmed by the friendly staff who are there to enhance your trip of a lifetime.

Depending on your arrival time, we will have lunch and review the itinerary of the week. We’ll tour the resort property (time permitting).

Our first photo expedition is a trip to the Butterfly Farm. These colorful insects exist in some form almost everywhere in the world but rarely in the numbers found in Costa Rica. The people at the Butterfly Farm are helping to preserve these species that are disappearing due to Global Issues. This is our first opportunity to concentrate on macro photography.

We will also be having a night photography after dinner on the property.

Day Three – Full Day Excursion to Miramar and Matapolo

We will be Toyota Land Cruising through a virgin forest area called Miramar or “ocean view” which refers to its commanding view of the Golfo Dulce. The Miramar and Matapolo area are known for the variety of wildlife you will encounter just a few feet from our vehicle – monkeys, sloths, macaws, toucans…everything you imagined when you were anticipating this trip. Matapolo is known for its remoteness, a hidden paradise amongst jungle and ocean. And if that’s not enough for you, after dinner we will be out with our guide looking for the red-eyed tree frog during our night macro photography.

Day Four – Full Day Excursion to Botanical Garden and Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

A glorious morning boat ride will take us across the Golfo Dulce to the largest botanical gardens in the region. This enormous family owned garden gives us the opportunity to photograph hundreds of species of flowering plants and landscape photography along the shoreline. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the orchids! Bring your bathing suit for a dip in the warm ocean!

In the afternoon we have the rare opportunity to photograph and interact with local rainforest creatures (like 2 and 3 toed sloth, spider and howler monkeys, macaws, parakeets and toucans) at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary rehabilitates injured or illegally captured animals. Our visit helps directly fund this noble effort.

Day 5 – Sierpe River Wildlife and Mangrove Tour

This is the excursion where you will capture the images of a lifetime. These protected tributaries are teeming with abundant wildlife, easily spotted from the safety of our pontoon boat. For starters, boas hanging in the trees, caimans and crocodiles, turtles, 6 species of herons, iguanas galore!

Day 6 – Chocolate Farm Tour

Meet German (pronounced Herman) and his family and learn about this thriving example of agro-ecology. Set under the jungle canopy, you will be able to photograph and learn about a working chocolate farm. More macro opportunities, local lunch and of course…..freshly made dark chocolate!

Day 7 – Farewell

We bid a sad farewell to new friends and the Osa Pennisula as we board our plane back to San Jose and home.


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