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Date: Schedule your date
Spaces Available: 3
Cost: $250 – $800


Address: Vancouver, British Comlumbia Canada


complimentary transportation to and from your hotel

Bottled water, snacks,

lunch on full day packages



Camera equipment for additonal fees

Camera Equipment

Bring your Camera

Bring your Tripod



Have a good pair of walking shoes

A light jacket for the evening sesssion


With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to live and photograph.

Frank Pali has been a photographer in Vancouver for two decades.  His images can be found in magazines around the world and are represented by the largest photography agencies such as All Canada Photos, Age Fotostock and Getty Images, just to name a few.

Frank Pali is offering a limited number of photography lessons and tours in Vancouver’s iconic tourist attractions and some of his favourite hot spots in the area.

Frank’s goal is to help you create beautiful travel memories in your images. He feels that everyone has it in them to become a outstanding photographer and will help you learn the tools to polish your skills, regardless of your skill level. Frank is known for his friendly manner and patient way of passing on his skills to his students.

Frank offers a variety of tour packages to meet your needs. Here is an example of what an eight hour package could look like: Frank will pick you up at your hotel early in the morning to take advantage of the prime light in the locations of your choice. He will return you to your hotel around noon, then pick you up late afternoon for the evening blue and nightscapes.

Instructional subjects covered are completely catered to your skill level. Some examples could be:

  •       exposure techniques,
  •       feeling comfortable with your flash,
  •       reading your camera’s histogram.
  •       composition basics: the rule of thirds.
  •       Landscape and scenic techniques to expand your vision.
  •       choosing the right lens,
  •       macro and close up techniques.
  •       camera supports Tripods, ballheads and beanbag.
  •       filters for nature photography and how to use graduated neutral density filters to achieve that silky smooth water in your images
Frank will provide complimentary transportation to and from your location. Reserve your place now with the concierge.

Workshop Investment:

Two hours / $250.00 + 5% GST., One Vancouver Highlight of your choosing
Four hours / Half Day $395.00 + 5% GST. , two location in Vancouver
Eight hours / Full Day $695.00 +5% GST. , three locations in Vancouver



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