My wife and I had a great outing yesterday to Tsawwassen. I wanted to get a few more shot of the three humming bird nest I have been documenting over the last week.

Monkey Tree Nest – This is the oldest of the three nest that I photograph. These little guys will be gone shortly.


The other two nest are a few days younger so I will have more time with watching the mom feed and re- arrange the nest from time to time.

Mom sits at the edge of the nest looking around for any sign of trouble. The babies wait patiently to be fed.

Mom is just landing on the edge of nest.

Baby seem to know when mom is near by as the mouth is open before she arrives.

Annas Humming Bird

Great Horned Owl standing in the entryway to its nest. Check out its legs and talons!

Looking around before it sits on the nest

Standing Guard

Great Horned Owl.Did you know that the eyes do not move in the sockets? That is why it can rotate its head almost all the way around.

Leave me your exprerience about Owls and humming birds in the comments below.